Character Descriptions

Esther - At a very early age Esther’s parents are killed by a general named Haman from the Medo-Persian Army. She is adopted by her older cousin Mordecai. Fifteen years later she, with all the other young maidens, is called to go to the palace of King Xerxes, the ruler of Medo-Persian Empire. Xerxes is choosing a new Queen. He chooses Esther but she doesn’t reveal to him she is a Jew.

Mordecai - Mordecai is haunted by the fact that his aunt and uncle were taken away to be killed in front of his eyes and he did nothing to prevent it for fear of losing his own life. He ran from the scene only to return and find his young cousin, Esther, abandoned. Mordecai attempts to redeem himself by raising Esther and protecting her but finds he can’t protect her forever.

Haman - A sworn enemy of the Jews and 2nd in command of the Medo-Persian Empire, Haman conspires to kill all the Jews and take the throne from King Xerxes at the same time. Haman’s plans would work if it wasn’t for the new Jewish teenage Queen, Esther.

Xerxes - The reigning King of the Medo-Persian Empire is in search of a new Queen. The last one just wouldn’t stay in line. He’s convinced that he’ll never trust a woman again but Esther, the new Queen, is about to change all that.

Habbibi - The head-eunuch in charge of the king’s harem has found something special in the young teenager named Esther. When she becomes the Queen, Habbibi proves to be one of her greatest friends.

Shamim - The youngest candidate for the position of Queen is taken under Esther’s wing and becomes the head attendant to the Queen when Esther takes the throne.

Memucan and Marsena - King Xerxes’ top advisors give him more advise
than he can keep up with but what could he do without them?

Bigthana - Haman’s trusty sidekick will carry out any order to become Haman’s Second in Command when Haman becomes King. But how far will he go?