The Music

Haman’s Army - A Jewish village is being destroyed by soldiers of the Medo-Persian Army, led by a general named Haman who is a sworn enemy of the Jewish race. Abihail, the father of the young girl named Esther, is pleading with Haman for mercy and more time to present the required taxes their farming community was unable to pay. Mordecai, Abahail’s nephew, turns his back on the situation in order to save his own life and watches as his family is taken away to be killed, all except the young Esther.

As My Own - Esther is orphaned at a very young age when her parents are killed and her older cousin Mordecai, being her only remaining relative, adopts her. Mordecai attempts to comfort the small child by reminding her that she isn’t alone because he will love her as his own.

Banquets of Susa - Fifteen years after Esther’s parents are killed the most powerful man in the world is King Xerxes, ruler of the Medo-Persian Empire. In his palace, the most extravagant banquets are held as he and his court celebrate the glory and majesty of their conquest of the world.

Just Ask - Memucan and Marsena are the wisest advisors in King Xerxes court. Or are they? Xerxes’ wife Vashti defiantly refuses to dance before the king and his guests at his latest banquet so Memucan and Marsena think they know just what to do.

Faith, Hope, and Love - Esther reminds Mordecai the lesson he taught her.