The Music - continued

I Wanna Be Miss Medo-Persia - All the beautiful maidens on earth have been assembled in Susa, the capital city of the most powerful empire the world had ever seen. One of them will marry King Xerxes and become Queen. The stakes are high but some of the IQs are low as the catfights begin! Who will be the new Miss Medo-Persia?

King of the World - Xerxes is faced with the dilemma of calling for Esther, his new wife. If he calls for her and she refuses to come he will have to get rid of her as his advisers called for him to do to his first wife. However, If he doesn’t call for her he will continue to be separated from the true love of his life.

I Will Stand - Fifteen years has past since Mordecai turned his back on his family out of fear and self-protection. Times are uncertain for his people, the Jews, during the reign of King Xerxes and his highest prince, Haman. The time has come for Mordecai to make a decision and face his fears, standing up for what he truly believes in. Only then, can call others to do the same.

The Only Time I Fell In Love - Xerxes and Esther pledge their love to eachother.