It was the summer of 2000 in Dallas,Texas when Front Stage Theatre began rehearsing SLINGSHOT!, the story of David and Goliath. The community was encouraged and inspired as the production team consisted of some very talented artists. Geoffrey Owens, the actor who played "Elvin" from the Eighties hit television show, The Cosby Show, came from New York to direct SLINGSHOT! Wendy Bobbit-Cavitt, the current musical director for Mama-Mia! in Las Vegas, was the musical director for SLINGSHOT! and the show was a joy to watch and a huge success!

During that time, Rob Harmon, who played the role of David in Slingshot! and Josesph in Front Stage Theatre's first production Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in 1999, began dreaming of writing a new musical about Esther, the teenage Queen who became the savior of the Jewish race. Melodies were formed over the next year and a half and in January of 2003, he and his close friend, Vance Perry, began to arrange the music for the new musical, Esther and The Banquets of Susa.

A rough draft of the script was given to Bruce Hermans, a local actor and director, to shape it into a stage-ready musical that would be an unforgettable presentation of this wonderful Biblical story. Bruce will be directing the show this coming September.

We are thrilled that many of the dance numbers for Esther and The Banquets of Susa will be choreographed by Angela (Amort) Cassidy, who is a recently retired premier dancer from the Ft. Worth-Dallas Ballet.

Also, Celeste Henson flew in from Los Angeles, CA. and graciously donated a week of her time to the production. She is our favorite costume designer!

We are excited to present a DVD of Esther and The Banquets of Susa by this coming Thanksgiving!