The Story

One of the most intriguing stories in history is being brought to the stage!
It is the tale of Esther, the teenage Queen of the Medo-Persian empire, who exposes the plot of the evil prince Haman to destroy the Jewish race.Her Husband, King Xerxes, knows nothing of Haman’s plan and is also unaware of Esther’s Jewish identity.

Mordecai, Esther’s older cousin who adopted her at an early age, pleads with Esther to approach the King concerning the matter of their people’s demise.The only problem is that anyone who visits the King, even the Queen, without his permission could be sentenced to death unless he extends his gold scepter.

Will Esther be brave enough to risk her life for her people?

Will King Xerxes accept Esther’s uninvited visit and will he love her even though she has hidden her heritage from him?

This amazing story of faith, hope, and love will be told through light heart-warming melodies that will stir the soul and entertain the whole family. Singing and dancing bring this monumental true story to life like never before. It is the story of Esther and The Banquets of Susa!